School Projects

CSBGL helps schools to identify what conditions, practices and programs best serve their students by successfully addressing common concerns identified through its research.

How Youth-Led Research Changed A Girls' School

Greenwich Academy

School Culture & Community

This year, GA has over 50 students working on 7 different teams. These projects include: an examination of the coordinate school relationship; what it means to conform at GA; the effects of socioeconomic status at GA; and the perceptions versus realities of an “ideal” GA student. The student team is also exploring the question of: "what is the hardest thing to talk about at GA?"

Socioeconomic Status and the Culture of Niceness at a Girls’ School

Miss Porter's School

School Culture & Community

The team finished the second year study of socio-economic status -- how girls perceive it, and how it affects relationships at school. Using data from the CASL survey, student interviews, and student focus groups, they present three main findings: misconceptions, the "culture of niceness," and "secret tuition."